Last year’s experience

foto1Last year I participated in Optimax, when it was organized in het capital of Portugal Lisbon). For me it was the first time to perform real research, therefore I was really excited. Once we got started we worked hard – as a real team. Besides the hard work, we also did a lot of fun activities like visiting Sintra and the beautiful castles and the one day trip to Albufeira. I met a lot of great people and we are still in contact with each other. I would recommend this to anyone. For me it was an experience that I will remember for a long time!!!

foto3 OPTIMAX 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal, was a great experience. 3 weeks of working together with other international students on a scientific article. It sounds like hard work – which it was sometimes – but besides school work I had plenty of time for fun: sight seeing, shopping, eating out.

OPTIMAX not only gives you a lot of experience in writing a scientific article, but also new friends and a lot of fun.

Optimax is a challenge and sometimes hard work but it’s all worth it. I had an amazing time in Lisbon and I’m sure that it will be amazing again in Groningen. After all – ‘there’s nothing above Groningen’.


My name is Astrid Bakker and I participated in Optimax 2014 in Lisbon. I had chosen to participate in Optimax because at school we didn’t have that much classed in doing research. I already lived in an international student house so I knew that international collaboration is always a great experience.

Optimax 2014 brought me a lot of international friends plus the big advantage that your research skills improve a lot. We worked long days and it isn’t really a relaxing summer vacation, but after all the hard work there were cultural activities and a lot of socializing time!foto4

If you are interested in doing research and you like to experience cultures from all over Europe then you should really join Optimax.


What is Optimax

Optimax is the opportunity for ambitious students to contribute to research in radiography. In about three weeks, you will do research on relevant topics in radiology with students from Norway, Portugal, England, Norway and Switzerland.

Is that nice? Absolutely! So nice in fact that I myself have participated twice.

You meet a lot of new nice people you nice things undertaken. Besides doing research there are plenty of social events where you hang out with each other for fun or for example the beach cities. Besides, you eat out or have drinks regularly to get to know each other better.

During the day it is (hard) work to finish your research on time, but in the evenings that well-deserved beer, wine, or coca cola tastes so much better when you meet each other later in the pub.

When I think back to Optimax I think of the great people I’ve met and the skills that will come in handy for the final research project of my studies.

Definitely a must for everyone!